The Christian Themes in Eric Church’s “Monsters”

I suspect many parents are familiar with the bemusing predicament whereupon they are awoken by their child, only to be informed of the apparent reality that the child has not yet fallen asleep. Since I am not a father, I do not know that feeling, but I have vivid memories of interrupting my father’s slumber when I was a young boy.

It is this winsome scenario Continue reading “The Christian Themes in Eric Church’s “Monsters””

Why I Can’t Hate Jimbo Fisher

Last night I watched FSU’s football team squeak out one of its ugliest wins in my lifetime, while also enjoying a thrilling back and forth battle between Clemson and Texas A&M. The juxtaposition prompted reflection on my school’s previous and current head coaches, namely Jimbo Fisher and Willie Taggart, respectively. For the first time since rumors culminated in the jarring realization that Jimbo was leaving, I considered how I should feel about him and his departure. Continue reading “Why I Can’t Hate Jimbo Fisher”

Wednesday Night with the Wiseguyz

Last month, Randy DeOrio, former professional boxer and actor, was inducted into the Paterson Museum in New Jersey. This week, he was a studio guest on The Wiseguyz Radio Show.

“I feel like I’m coming over to a friend’s house. I got a cup of coffee in my hand, the game’s on,” D’Aurio said. “I used to peek through the window and watch you guys. Now I’m on the other side.” Continue reading “Wednesday Night with the Wiseguyz”

Wait, What? The Biggest Surprises from Week 15 in the NFL

This week, head coaches stole the headlines and there were plenty of fanbases saying “finally!” More teams were eliminated from the playoffs, while others kept their hopes alive with critical victories. The division races are coming down to the wire and most of the remaining seeds will be locked up by next week. Most fanbases have begun looking at mock drafts and dreaming about next year. For the rest, this is when the real season begins. Continue reading “Wait, What? The Biggest Surprises from Week 15 in the NFL”

Wait, What? The Biggest Surprises from Week 14 in the NFL

Oh boy. What a week of surprises. A team, the Dallas Cowboys, that seemed incapable of losing, got shut down in primetime. A quarterback, Ryan Tannehill, who seemed physically unwilling to be broken despite being sacked ten million times since being drafted, suffered a potentially career altering injury. A defense known for it’s dominant secondary, Seattle’s ‘Legion of Doom,’ surrendered 38 points to a .500 opponent. It’s the NFL in December: when the contenders finally separate from the pack. Continue reading “Wait, What? The Biggest Surprises from Week 14 in the NFL”

Wait, What? The Biggest Surprises from Week 13 in the NFL

December football has officially arrived. There are plenty of teams still in the playoff mix, but many are learning that the style of play must drastically change in cold weather environments. Division races across the league will likely come down to the wire. Detroit, Kansas City, and Tampa Bay picked up critical road victories, while Pittsburgh, Oakland, and Seattle took care of business at home. The results weren’t unexpected this week, but the way certain teams played may indicate which are destined for January and which will be watching the playoffs from home. Continue reading “Wait, What? The Biggest Surprises from Week 13 in the NFL”